Ddosing and dosing?

Recently, one of my favourite websites, Dueling Network was down for an extended period due to ddos attack on their servers. It hit the site especially hard as they had recently had lost a hardrive and had to restore everything. My current understanding of a ddos attack is that a botnet is used to stimulate website traffick, overloading the servers.

would anybody mind going in to detail about what exactly a ddos attack is, how it is different from a dos attack,what a dos attack is, and finally why on earth would anybody attack a trading card game website?

A DoS is just from one source rather than many sources coming from a DDoS attack.

What he said ^^^ that is the only difference between the two, more commonly unless it's a big group like Anonymous, usually just some punk kid is DoSing.... As to why they would do it? I have no idea lol maybe the site owner pissed someone off.

But a DoS (DDoS is on a grander scale) is essnetially when you grab a hold of someone, or a companies, IP address and essentially just just flood the shit out of them with packets of information, to an insane amount, so much that the modem just cannot handle it and drops.

For livestreamers like myself, this happens a lot cuase people just guess your skype, or use loaders to get it easily, anyone can just punch it in and get your most recent IP logged from skype, then DoS you offline. Which is why for personal use most people run Proxies and VPNs.

yeah as the guy said above the main difference between a dos and a ddos attack is that a dos comes from one person and is largely less effective than a ddos due to that reason. my own understanding of what happens is a person uses a botnet to send requests to a website over and over and over again using a different destination each time (that last bit could very possibly be wrong) what this does is that the website sends keeps sending info back to the person but it can only send a certain amount of information at any given time so the goal of the botnet is to take up all that time so that other users are denied the service (hence dos denial.of.service. attack) of the website because the website is too busy sending info to the attacker. a reason that ddos's can sometimes be more effective is because it is easier for multiple people to tie up a server rather than just one person. anonymous used a form of a ddos attack called the loic (low orbit ion cannon) which isn't so much a dos attack as it is programing your computer to refresh a webpage over and over and over again

dos=denial of service=1 person

ddos=distributed denial of service= multiple people

What has been said above is right as far as I know. But how is a botnet created? SOmeone spread some malwares in order to affect vulnerable computers creating a "back door" to their system which will allow him to send a command. This infected computer, could be yours , mine or anyone's who might potentially be vulnerable because he did not "update" his system . Of course this vulnerable systems go by millions. So when someone decide to DDoS attack a firm. HE will send a command to all those "victims" and tell them to PING their server.

BY doing that, the server will start creating errors. A hacker using those errors will try to gain access to the server and access emails, bank accounts etc. SO usually a hacker will use DDoS + Code injections. Or in case it is a competing server, they might just use DDoS to make their server run slow. 

P.S DDoSing is a cyber crime! and there are enacted legislation in the uk, US and there are directives for the EU and if someone does that can get in SERIOUS trouble. But the problem that enforcement bodies face, it is that those attacks are really have to be traced and they usually originate from China and Russia where the law in regards to cybercrime is very weak.

There are also different types of attacks. At layer 3/4 you have:

Syn-flood. Sending SYN, and forcing the server to have thousands of requests waiting for acknowledent therefore killing it after enough resources have been drained.

UDP Flood: Sending so many UDP packets that the server basically says "I can't even deal" 

Layer 7: These floods are specific to a server and require the attacker to find an exploit in the server and send information according to that.

thanks guys


How do you get the ip from a skype user name? Is it done through a website or a program?

command prompt

A friend of mine runs zsnag.info which if you want a good skype resolver I'll have to recommend him.

The authorities are not as all powerfull as you think in regards to the internet, hence cispa.... They need the hard evidence and for companys to dob you in.

Many smaller attacks go unnoticed and aren't even reported. There is no magic alarm that goes off when someone sends a dos attack.

I know because I have gotten away with it.

WOW. This thread gave me a massive face palm.

A DoS attack is everything that makes a service unavailable. So, for example if you find a way to crash a system with a special packet (Ping of Death) it's still a DoS attack and you don't try to overload the system. DDoS is a special form of DoS where you simply overload the system with massive requests.

The Ping of Death does not use a "special" packet.It uses a IPv4 packet that is above 65,535 bytes allowing older systems to crash.Also,DoSing is powerful and can sometimes be more severe than DDoSing.Layer 7 DoS attacks can be quite damaging to Apache servers.There is a Perl script written by Rsnake which is called SlowLoris.It's a Layer 7 DoS attack and what it does is that it occupies all the sockets in an Apache server (Most Apache servers tend to have 500 sockets) by sending half a packet to the server;the server the waits for the other half which never gets to the server, and then since sockets get occupied;viewers cannot view the website.If you have a dedicated server you can turn it into a 10 GBPS DoS server.

As I explained above a DoS is from one source while a DDoS is from multiple sources. There are different types of attacks, but a large botnet (not some skiddy booter or stress) is ten times better than a DoS.

You are an idiot.

Oh, thanks a lot.

As I explained above a DoS is from one source while a DDoS is from multiple sources

And that's wrong.

There are different types of attacks, but a large botnet (not some skiddy booter or stress) is ten times better than a DoS.

You don't understand. A DoS attack makes a service unavailable. You can use a botnet to DDoS or find a bug in the network stack (e.g. Ping of Death) or any other way to prevent others from using the service. All that is called a DoS attack.

The Ping of Death does not use a "special" packet.It uses a IPv4 packet that is above 65,535 bytes allowing older systems to crash

That makes it a special packet for me. You won't see such a packet under normal circumstances.

The ping of death was fixed ages ago. A ddos is most assuredly going to be more powerful than a normal DoS. There is no fucking way thousands of 1gb/s are not as powerful as a single connection. DISTRIBUTEDDoS meaning it is DISTRIBUTED between many many machines. It's not like my knowledge is second hand. I know some of the biggest guys in the game and I'm pretty good friends with a couple. Zee can't even measure his considering it nulls anything it touches. Another friend has been able pass 100gb/s with ease. 

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