Someone did something to me that was just plan evil. Im ready to throw my mouse across the room right now because i'm so angry at him. How do I ddos him?

You don't. DDOSing has to be pointed to an IP, and won't do anything at all but waste your bandwidth on a private connection.


This isn't what this forum is for, it's about hardware hacking, modding, coding, ect.

i was hopping this would be another thread where we all post face palm images

That's illegal my friend

Just send a virus

Maybe you should try sending him some RAT and then report back to us


Piss on him while he sleeps? Ask Logan for an eccentric threat, then follow through on it? Burn him at the stake?

layer7 Ddos attack should do the job.

Those only work on websites with forms. For example I could do a layer 7 attack on TS because it has things like a login form and a post form, a home router is not susceptible to this.

I give this thread a 2/10.

DDosing is illegal, and this thread is terribad