DBAN is fail

I'm attempting to wipe my family's 10 year old computer from 2004 with Darik's Boot and Nuke and then proceed to install Lubuntu as the new OS (mainly because XP is dead now and Windows 7 isn't going to run very well on it).

I installed it on my USB, booted it up, went with the quick version of the DoD method, and when it started, it claimed it was finished and asked me to press enter, so I did and some giant ad for some crap company or whatever appeared and it just stayed like that. I went to boot up from the hard drive to see if it worked (which I highly doubted it did), and Windows XP was still there.

Is something fucky with the DBAN I am using or am I missing something or whatever? This is weird to me.

That sounds dangerously like you've grabbed a fake/spam copy... 

I got it from SourceForge...

Well, now apparently I just found out that this started happening when the company that the ad was displaying (Blancoo or something shit like that) bought out DBAN, made an update with my said problem, and just left it like that and never updated it again.

I think I'll try and find an earlier version and see if it works.

Did you get to sourceforge via the use of the links at the bottom of this page (under previous versions)

Also did you target the correct disk and an appropriate wipe method.

There's no targeting the right disk in dban.. it goes after all attached storage whether you like it or not...

use an older version.

Yep, I'm using an older version now and everything is working fine