DayZ started out as a mod for ARMA II. The main map being Chernarus. Where the goal was to survive hoards of zombies and other players.

Years later DayZ is still alive, now more than ever, with thousands of players flocking in after the BETA release.

I for one love the game, always have (having played the original mod) and always will.

Do you play DayZ? Do you love it or hate it? Why?


I believe I played it at one point but not sure. As for the engine it is built on it is horrid.

Yeah, the engine was pretty much made for super-realism. ARMA was a military simulator.

The thing I found funny is DayZ, when it was a mod, was so crazy popular that a lot more bugs in the engine were found simply due to more people using it. Must have helped the devs a lot.

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I left this game in middle.