DayZ Standalone and ArmA III


I am definately looking forward to the Standalone for DayZ as well as the next version of ArmA. ArmA III was delayed because of the stupidity of the Greek courts.

DayZ Standalone is being based on a custom engine built by Bohemia Interactive and Rocket. The map will be much larger and there will be many changes for it. ArmA III's engine may have been better though unless they take parts from the ArmA III engine and put them in the DayZ engine.

All in all, the standalone for DayZ will rip the spinal cord out of WarZ(cough cough) not that it already has not.

Both are slated for release sometime this year (2013). DayZ will be following the Minecraft model.

So DayZ on ArmA II won't be compatible with the standalone game? Wow I got ArmA II last month. I should have waited a little for the standalone game

They will still develop the mod.

Nope, for DayZ stand alone you will need the all new stand alone yet to be released, as your mod for ARMA2 + OA is just a mod......but, as a silver lining ARMA2 is a really good game without the MOD, and you can also try playing  "Wasteland" if you have not already? 

Also DayZ Alpha its going to be cheap!

After DayZ Alpha is released?

yes. even after.

it is just that the standalone will have dedicated BI devs and all the new features. The mod will be turned over completely to the community. AFAIK

DayZ Standalone should be released before April according to Rocket on Reddit.

Thanks for the link LinuxMaster9,

I cant see the MOD surviving after the stand alone come out even if they do keep developing for it.


I love playing DayZ i have my own private server running custom antihax and all are welcome to check it out!!   NYC 66  IP

I can because there are alot of Private hives that have extra things coded into the game. can have as many privet hives running custom code as you want, but when the majority of players migrating to standalone they are going to empty out fast, and who is going to carry on covering the server costs for empty servers?

Besides, you should play the ArmA II campaign as well as hook up with the United Operations group for some hardcore Multiplayer. They mostly do missions.

I'm very excited for this.


New Update about StandAlone


Arma 3 will be exclusive to Steam

Bohemia Interactive have announced that their upcoming military sim Arma 3 will be Steam exclusive. As revelations go, it seems rather quaint – at this point developers tying their games to Valve’s Steamworks suite is becoming increasingly the norm. It is, however, BI’s first go at distributor exclusivity, and the team seem aware that the announcement will upset some members of their community. The reason for the move, according to Arma 3′s project lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land, is that, without Steam, the team wouldn’t be able to release the game in 2013 at all.

“Some of you will remember the huge amount of different distributed versions for Arma 2, and all of the problems associated with it,” he writes. “We needed to spend far too much time on creating and testing all the master copies. Every patch had to be tested for every conceivable combination of distribution, patch and DLC. This drained so many of our resources, that we could not support the game itself as much as we’d have liked. By targeting Steam as our primary distribution, we can take those resources and put them to much better use: making the most splendid game possible.”

Van ‘t Land also points to Steam’s proven distribution infrastructure and ready-made developer tools, as well as the dreaded P-word. “Think of it what you want, but piracy is affecting us as a business.” He claims that Bohemia are working on expanding Steam’s DRM solutions, announcing, “It will be possible to run Steam in Offline mode, and still play the game (with the exception of online services obviously, including multiplayer itself).”

As for the release, Bohemia say they’re gearing up to announce further details in the near future.

:D I can't wait for Arma III

dayz standalone runs off of the take on hleicopters game engine pretty much arma 2.5 and boheimia interactive put arma 3 on hold to develop the standalone dayz since the devs are still in prison

ArmA III Alpha releases on March 5th 2013!!!!!

go to now!!!

I am pre-ordering either the Deluxe or Support Packages.

Yeah, I saw it on Facebook. 5th of March is really soon, shame the full game isn't out by then.