DayZ Server Info?

Hey guys can anyone give me the IP for the tek dayz server?


Here you go: port 2302

is this arma 2, or arma 3?


Arma 2.

Off topic for this, but Teksyndicate has a Chivalry server, correct? If so, does anyone have the IP?


The ip and how to connect is in the article.

Is the server still up?

Should be- dayz commander didn't find it the first time, had to refresh the server list, but it claims it's there! I'll try and update this post once I've connected to it, right now it's downloading the map...

There's no one on most of the time it seems... we need to plan a time to get a bunch of people on! Think we could start something anyone?

Anybody have a list of all the Tek Syndicate servers for all games?

Not really. Nope.

A time everyone can be on the server in general? I know having a guideline time works out well for community based servers and makes it a ton of fun.