Dayz Poor Performance

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any tips for increasing performance on dayZ standalone. I have horrendous frames despite playing around with graphics settings in game. about 25  fps when in the forests, and anywhere from single digits to 20 fps in towns. I've been trying to play this game for a long time but the low frames make it unplayable, and result in me playing other games. This is the only game i have performance issues with and idk what to do...


Gtx 660

AMD FX 6300

16Gb ram

M5a97 R2.0 motherboard

Also to note, my friend who has a similar system with the exception of having a AMD a10 6800K, 8 Gb of ram, and a different motherboard, gets better FPS than I do.

Because DayZ is poorly optimized. It runs badly on any system but yours will be worse. 

The game is heavily single core CPU dependent. The 6300 has bad single core performance. The 6800K has better single core performance. That is why with the same set up his will be faster. 

so in other words you're saying that im basically fucked because dayz doesn't take advantage of multiple cores and that there really isnt anything i can do to increase my performance unless i build a new pc.

Overclocking would help a bit

+1 definitely overclock and see about getting a single core to go even faster with turbo boost 

alright, i guess ill have to look into getting a better cpu fan, currently been riding stock cuz im a cheap mother fucker lol, but ill get a good cpu fan and hopefully be able to overclock it nicely to accommodate dayZ

ive noticed that turning down settings helps. havent played this game in a year so idk much these days about the updates


Yeah the 6300 OCs very well and your motherboard should allow for adequate OCing with good cooling. Even with a moderate OC the performance won't be fantastic. The single core performance and the 660 won't allow for that but it should make it playable for you. 

DayZ just sucks performance wise. 

you can also force DayZ to use more cores and turn on hyper-threading. While AMD does not use Intel HT tech, the DayZ engine will treat the AMD chip like it does and spread the load more evenly. As stated by the Devs when I asked them that question. Check for my thread responses about how to optimize for ArmA 3.