DayZ horrible framerate?

So I started playing DayZ about a month ago when the standalone came out. I have around 85 hours in the game, and I'm addicted. However, ever since I started playing, my framerate was usually ranging around 10-15 frames, occasionally 20. At first, I played with 1 or 2 friends who had equal, if not worse rigs than me. I thought it was just a problem with my computer, and that it would be optimized soon and be more stable. However, as 5, 6, 7 more friends started playing, with rigs that were significantly less powerful than mine (not trying to brag lol), and got way better frames than I did, I started to get worried, and discouraged. Can you guys tell me if my specs are not good? I'm pretty new to PC gaming and I'm not sure about the framerate. 


Here are my specs: 

AMD FX-6200 6-Core processor @ 3.8 GHz

GTX 770

10 GB of Ram

600W PSU


Note: I get 30-40 fps consistently on the DayZ mod for Arma II. 

cpu bottleneck

Game is in alpha stage of its development. You can expect performance improvements as different things get optimised.

Your rig is fine. The RAM configuration is strange. I don't think there's anything to be overally concerned about.

I have


FX-6300 6-core @ 3.8Ghz 4.1 Turbo


MSI R9 270x Hawk


8GB Ram 1866


555w Corsair Bronze plus


And my FPS is only 20 on DayZ and like 15 in the city. Even if I changed from high to low settings it never changed.


DayZ is currently in Alpha stage. Alpha stages are NEVER optimized for FPS. They are there for testing purposes only.


Also, it's a Bohemia game.. All Bohemia games are CPU intensive. Even people with 3770k's get 30-50fps on DayZ 

I haven't played the standalone but most of the servers I would join in the mod would have frame stops every 45 seconds or so. And outside of the frame stops my performance was pretty shit considering I have a 4670k and a r9 280x, now talking about a alpha of a once mod that has horrible performance I would expect the utmost worst performance possible

Its in Alpha, nuff said.

All my friends are telling me that too. However, it's strange that all of them are getting decent frames. Not one of the 8 people on Steam are getting a decent framerate, whereas my framerate is terrible. I'm thinking of getting a new processor soon, but I really also think it's just the processor, since Arma II DayZ runs way better.