Days Of War early access January! Win Steam Keys

Do it!
Already have the alpha and its damn good IMO.


a fast paced WW2 shooter

So is this like a Counter Strike clone or something?

There is something about counterstrike that wouldnt allow me to enjoy it. I tried cs source and cs go but it never captured me like Return to castle Wolfenstein or Call of Duty 1. Those games consumed an immense amount of my time. Some people also compare it to day of defeat which I never played and call of duty 2.

When playing Days of War I start getting that nostalgic drive to keep playing, very few games draw me in like that. I keep making comments to the developers hinting to build for Linux, but its almost certainly a low priority. So this may move me to build a new PC that is capable of a KVM. Dual boot suxorz.
Only two servers have been up during testing and the most populated is usually european so my ping is crap. But its still enjoyable.