Day Z (ARMA II : Combined Operations)

Has anyone played this game, I am currently downloading ARMA II : CO to play it my friend has it and I have watched him it looks amazing.


Side note suprised I haven't seen an article about it on here yet.


The website:


^Wrote about it a week ago.  No one was really interested. QQ

The mod is freaking awesome.  Bunch of COD kids can't appreciate it.

I saw a stream of this, there is a ton of thinking and sneaking around.  Not much killing though.  Like I watched a stream with a guy on a full server and in 3 hours of watching I saw 2 other players.

That's the point...ultra realism.  In a zombie apocaplyse you wouldn't see a bunch of people.  It's fun as fuck.  Sneaking into a town, turning the corner and coming face to face with 20 zombies...then you run for your life while 20 zombies chase you for miles...all the while attracting more zombies because of the noise they make.  It's immersive, eventhough it appears boring on its face.


I will go ahead and say it's probably one of the best mods to come out in a long while.