Davinchi resolve on linux

ok i need some help,

i really want to switch my workstation to linux. i do mostly video editing.

i’m in no way a power user, but i do have a couple of systems that run linux. my main pc is windows because i really don’t like any of the editing software for linux. since resolve 14 came out i decided to give it a try on windows. good news is i love it!

so first question any one running it on linux, and what distro are you using? resolve only “supports” redhat, and ive never used it.

second i’m going to be putting together a new machine for this. thinking about r7 1700, but i need help with picking a gpu. it seems that nvidia is the way to go with linux and resolve? what about vega?

by the way, i love linux for the work flow. it just kills me that my work (audio and video) just sucks on it. i’m really hoping i can at least get resolve running good on it!

thank you guys in advance

I just found this. It’s a AUR package for Arch Linux. This means you can easily get it installed into arch or any of its clones. If you not familiar with arch and just want a simple setup with a nice GUI based installer I would suggest you look at the Antergos distribution.
Here is the GIT page for the AUR package.
Here is the Antergos page

i did at one point try manjaro. i did really like the AuR package stuff. if i recall i broke it within the first week! it was on my “linux only” box. aka a piece of crap. the only reason i tried it was because i saw that resolve package. i know i couldn’t get resolve to work, i think it mite have been because that computer doesn’t have a gpu.

the rolling release stuff kinda scares me seeing its a workstation, should i be worried?

I keep Antergos on my home NAS/VM/Plex server all in one box server. It’s been very good with everything updates wise. I had an issue with zfs as a boot volume with updates but that was kinda my fault because I was over looking the well documented issue with arch and zfs updates. I think it’s solved now but a few months ago it was an issue. So yeah I’d say it’s well worth testing especially since antergos is so easy to install and go. It’ll install Nvidia proprietary drivers or AMD GPU pro depending on your hardware. Do you have a spare hard drive you can put in your workstation to use just for doing a test install without having to wipe your current drive?

It depends on your use case. What would you be using your box for except your professional work?

Centos is a drop in replacement for redhat, so if resolve had redhat packages they should work in centos.

Same goes for the and pro drivers for example. However a suggestion on what you might want to do for a setup would depend on what you need it for and how rock solid you need it to be.

Big Arch guy myself, but you could use Fedora, it has the same package managers as RedHat so you can install the RedHat package on it.

yeah I’m not really concerned about red hat. the fact of the mater is resolve says to install their cent OS and not to update it. i’d rather have something that is easy to use/ big community. i’ve always used ubuntu in the past because it was easy to figure stuff out.

has anyone tried out resolve on arch?

This is something I’m willing to test just color me curious I guess. I won’t be able to mess with it till the coming weekend but I’d like to know for my own use. I currently use resolve under windows on a R7 1700X and a couple of Fury-X cards. I’m hoping it goes well but that being said I’d be just doing the same things I’ve already suggested as far as testing goes. I’ll check it out on Antergos and see what’s broken.

yeah i really plan on building a new machine asap to test it out. with that said i’m really wondering about gpu compatibility. fyi you need a BMD card, like the intensity pro or a deck link for sound.

Yeah, I’ve got the intensity pro in there. It’s the older one that is limited to [email protected] or 60 fps at best. But it’d give us and idea how well it’s gonna work with your setup

As far as GPU compatibility goes the AUR package has AMDGPU pro as a dependency so I’d say you better go team red.

i have the same older 1080p card. if i can get it all working good i was planning on upgrading to the 4k ver.

i definitely don’t mind going team red. just keep reading things that made me think people had trouble with amd with resolve on linux.

After looking again it does have some NVidia packages as alternatives so it may be okay red or green. But the one thing that stood out was that it’s all QT based packages so for simplicity I’d be using KDE Plasma as the environment. If your not a fan of KDE I understand but I have no issue with it so that’s the desktop I’ll be using to test from.

also, i’ve always like gnome. but how does it compare with fusion? is one more resource heavy

funny i meant plasma, seems i will be trying plasma then

The latest plasma is very well optimized from the reports I’ve read and I use it on the NAS/VM/Plex server it’s very responsive and has hella tweaks.

any luck? right now i’m having a hard time getting antergos to install from a usb. just keeps hanging on the white loading screen. redoing the usb for a 3rd time now. ill let you know how it goes

i’d think red hat and cent s would have a decent sized user community since so many businesses and users rely on it. no updates though? almost sounds like it should be in a virtual machine or on a dedicated PC/box.

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wow i can’t figure out what is up with this installation iso.

I tried antergos 2 times and while it worked great for a while 2 times it wrecked my UI and left me at a termal. It not fooling me 3 times.