David Cameron's Latest Assault on Pornography is Mandatory Age Checks (with a regulator capable of blocking sites!)

The lizard at No.10 has announced his latest planned assault on pornography, if he gets reelected next month that is.

An age check? How harmless you may think, but this is no 'I am over 18' checkbox.

and if a site, weather hosted in Britain or abroad, failed to abide to this regulation the independent regulator would have the power to 'force the internet service providers to block sites'.

Now, why is this happening?

Well, in a recent Childline poll, a tenth of 12 to 13-year-olds were worried they were "addicted to pornography".

Now on to why it shouldn't happen. The little filters they offered customers were overwhelming rejected by customers.

Four per cent of Virgin Media subscribers signed up; five per cent of BT customers; eight per cent for Sky

Also, it's worth nothing that;

OfCom – the UK’s own regulatory body – has conducted several studies which suggest viewing pornography has zero harm on minors.

At this point, I think that he is trying not to be reelected. He even tried to dodge taking part in the debates although he is still level with his rivals

He has a good chance of getting voted out in May. Although I can see another coalition, the Liberal Democrats at least kept the Conservatives in line for the past few years (stopping the snoopers charter in 2012 for instance).

I presume it was anonymous but how was this survey carried out? Seems like the kinda thing the typical 12-13 year old would tick for the shits and giggles really.

The way childline responded to it is a bit weird.
The above line is hyperlinked to the video because @Kai didn't like the thumbnail. I don't blame him really.

can we have that not be embedded so I don't have to see that awful thumbnail?

lol, done.

The difference of course being that all the previous 'porn blocks' have been optional. Not forced on anyone

These porn blocks however do not seem optional. You will have to verify your age and if a site if blocked on your ISP (probably only the big 6 again) you won't be able to access it

this is good for the families of great Britannia. finally someone is thinking of the children.


this will be a good way to root out all the facesitting perverts

It's fine, we have the deputy Prime Minster backing us on this:

Look at all those perverted photographers. It makes me sick. I bet none of them think of the children.

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I'm getting the feeling I've gone too far.

Can we stay a touch more on topic before going on to snakes?

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I think you mean "full frontal assault", amiright?

In serious, thats so dumb it kinda hurts. What's next regulations for actual sexual activity?

no "water sports"

I'm a kinky bondage freak and some of the shit Britain has been doing recently seems ridiculous. They seem to find it hard to draw the line between consensual and non-consensual acts.

Anyway, more on topic. Every bit of power they get to block sites is another step towards loosing our internet freedom entirely.

To be fair to those restrictions on kinky acts they only affected people recording porn in the UK.

You can still watch kinky porn just not make it (it is a regulation that was extended over from VHS/DVD).