Data transfers in Win10 without taking ownership first?

When I plug an old computer’s hard drive into a new computer to transfer data files I always have to take ownership of the user folder before I can do so. This causes a huge delay and I don’t do onsite data transfers anymore as a result. Not to mention if the hard drive is damaged the taking ownership would thrash it to death. This annoyance could be avoided in Windows 7 by disabling UAC but that doesn’t help in 8 or 10. Any ideas how to avoid the whole take ownership procedure?

Use Linux live from usb. It doesn’t give a shit about windows permissions so it will just move the files from one drive to another, no questions asked.

I prefer mint for it’s Windows like interface out of the box.


You could also use an admin command prompt to copy the files

I’ve had Windows 10 flat out ignore the files I’ve copied to its drive using an external operating system.

That happens when you don’t shutdown windows completely or if the fast startup option is enabled leaving the ntfs partition in a state that ntfs-3g can’t write to. Otherwise it doesn’t matter. Linux will copy those files. It doesn’t care or change them in a way windows 10 would know the difference.

Sounds like admin command prompt is a way you would prefer though.

This does work. Thank you! Would still like to use programs like Unstoppable Copier but this does help. :slight_smile:

I’m totally down to use Linux on my techrig if it works. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

I used to work at a computer repair shop and we jokingly called it stoppable copier because of this very issue

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Just make sure fast startup is disabled on 10 and you shouldn’t have a problem writing anything to disk.


You could write a batch file for the context menu to make it a little faster to copy whole directories.