Data migration? Anyone?

Laptop Model: Fujitsu Lifebook S761/D(business model)
Windows 7 Enterprise. (256GB HDD) Partitioned as 147GB main storage(C:)
and 107GB for projects/some other shits storage(D:). There are also 3
user accounts, 2 with password(I know the password) and 1 no-pass (If
that's even necessary).

How can I transer all my data to a new drive(SSD)? Only the C: drive
with the OS and all the settings, the softwares, the databases I already
made(Mostly projects), user accounts, etc, EVERYTHING WITHOUT ANY

I hope you get I mean here, english isn't my first language, I just want
to change my hard drive thats it.

hmm... linuk stick won't work....  that is a toughie... maybe get some sort of backup software, and a sata dock, and image the new hdd while running off the old one...

Some other people says that imaging a hard drive wont work because I have 2 partitions in 1 HDD... I just want to replace the slow HDD with a SSD. I know I could try to back-up everything in an external hard drive, and restore it later, but the problem with that is, I don't have the OS installer...

hmm... really no way to do it. you can copy the databases to an external, and get an os key. it's fully legal to dl an iso of win 7 for the purposes of restoring/repairing/installing a legal copy of windows, using the existing key

Some SSD's come with a transfer kit, not sure if that helps atall or if its even possible (most kits come with a usb-sata cable so its basically an external ssd)

this stuff

Yeah! Im planning to buy samsung 840 and just found out that they have a migration software for thier ssd... But Im not sure if that would do the trick in my case...