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Data loss prevention is integrity?


So just heard in a class that DLP addresses the Integrity portion of the CIA traid, I would have thought confidentiality- googling isn’t getting me something one way or the other. What say the infosec peeps here? What is the ‘cissp approved’ answer?



There are a lot of moving parts that affect different things and whoever told you that was making a generalization.

I would counter that by saying that DLP neither covers Confidentiality or Integrity, while at the same time covering Confidentiality and Integrity.

The reason for that is that you can’t (or shouldn’t) utilize one practice or bit of software to reliably enforce an entire portion of the CIA triad. Single points of failure are bad for you.



Probably why google didn’t have anything definite. This is in the context of passing the sec+ so maybe it’s tailored to the test. I know the great Eric Conrad can have a qualm with a cissp question but will teach it as the test wants the answer.

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@sgtawesomesauce is correct.

The answer is only really relevant in a larger context CIA applies to [this] on DLP in [this] scenario sort of thing. In theory all components of CIA applies to DLP within the contexts that the DLP is applied to the data.

The purpose is meant to protect data from loss, misuse, ex-filtration, etc. Confidentiality applies if an unauthorised user is trying to access the data, integrity applies if the user tried to manipulate the data (i think DLP applies to this in some occasions?), and Availability applies if the user is removing the files for example (think DLP may apply here in some cases as well).

(correct me if im wrong), i think part of what sgtawesomesause is saying that while DLP might cover CIA for data, it only applies to the components the DLP protects against, and the CIA triad still needs to be considered for the data in question for all other parts of security that needs to be considered.

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Where I work our dlp is centric on protecting data from uncleared eyes, totally the C part for me, can care less if after the info was compromised it is then altered.