Data Caps/ Why Hold Back?

Up here in the great white north we have some thing very small, I mean very small. It's our Data caps Why do the Big companies like Bell, Rogers, and Telus try and take every penny we have, Oh we don't have penny's any more but besides that we have plan's starting a $30 but here's the kick in the but you get a whole 3GB and the largest plan i can get is  20GB for $100, why do all companies feel the need to turn the knife that stab us in the heart... We Need Change...  All the Problems are underlined

Because mooooneeeeeyyyyy!

But yea, I'm sorry.

I feel sorry for you, this is what someone in australia did after getting fed up with it all!


Yep.  Money.  Artificial scarcity is seen as a viable profit generator at this point.  Save money by not investing in your infrastructure, AND make more money by charging people overage fees while blaming infrastructure limitations for those charges.  It sucks, but until another company comes along with a more customer centric business plan or government places better regulations on ISPs, it's here to stay.

I recomend Start Comunications.

Large caps and options for unlimited and faster upload. Great customer service. I'm a happy customer.