DAT Build Doh! PC Build for Archival Digitization (PSU)


Here you go 700w TFX PSU if you want to put a real GPU in.


For a second I thought we were gonna be archiving DAT tapes.

We are. That’s what connected via spdif (too)

A SPDIF In port? Nice.

Also, I think a Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder 4K and a Retrotink 5X would work better for video because the Retrotink has a TBC.

Still gotta convince them though to use 59.94 (60000/1001) framerate for it’s buffered mode.

Actually, I’m dead serious, I want to see one of those half height Mini Recorder 4K + Retrotink 5X combos in action. Maybe you can give insight on how to implement 60000/1001 framerate in the 5X. That’s the only barrier to proper recording of older analog tapes using the 5X because the 5X turns 59.94 to 60.00 by default for it’s buffered mode (which is incorrect for NTSC video) @wendell

I’ve been personally doing this for years now with older hardware. I use an I7 4770 with a USB capture device from a VCR over RCA.

I was hoping this video would cover some products that help digitize the tape directly and not rely on the old hardware like a VCR or camcorder it was originally recorded on.

I’ve run into a few issues with VCRs dying on me, and not tracking well before, that’s why I wanted that. Also, I have 8 mm ape that I have no way of converting since the camera that used it is dead and a replacement is too expensive for just one tape.

Quick tip to anyone who will go down this path with a USB converter, don’t use the included software, setup OBS and use that for capture, it will give you better control over the whole process.

Does that allow you to bypass macrovision?

Macrovision can be easily bypassed with a TBC.

Retrotink 5X in buffered mode is technically a TBC. You just have to ignore the overloaded value in the vertical blanking space to record analog Macrovision stuff.

Hey @wendell, you do know you can get reverse right angle SATA cables for your other to port right? I had to get a set a while back when I was doing a retro build and the GPU covered the up right ports. Often you’ll find them in Dell or SFF HP builds or if you can wait a few days:

I also use to use a number of TV tuner cards back in the day for the recording from VCR. For more modern, Hauppauge makes a lot that are half height. I use the Wintv 2250 and 1250 in my medic PC’s and they’re both full and half height. Also they have most the ports you’d need. May need to look to ebay though.

technology connections has this amazing video about capturing old video, it is “The Way”

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Technology Connections just said use a cheap Composite to HDMI converter with a PC-less Game DVR. That limits you to H264 and the saturation controls of the cheap converter.

Retrotink 5X to HDMI capture is a good way to do it if you also want a upscaler for retro consoles:

Yes, I know I’m constantly plugging the Retrotink but the Framemeister is no longer available.

I personally if it had to be PC-less would do Retrotink 5X in buffered 60000/1001 framerate into a Ninja V recording DNxHD 145.

Just made a tweet to Mike Chi plugging your video, @wendell. Maybe something will happen, maybe this tweet just gets buried with the rest of the hundreds of tweets.

Revisiting this, now I’m curious about modern operating system support for SCSI controllers, because old TEAC drives for commercial use are SCSI and not IDE.

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