Dash cam recommendations

So I want a dash cam but I dont know where to start. If anyone here are using any good quality cameras that shoot at least 720p or higher. Please let me know what you have.

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This is the model that reddit constantly recommends. You’ll probably have to do a firmware update, but other than that its fantastic. I’ve had my eye on one of these for a long time.

I use my phone when I feel the need.

Techmoan has quite a few comprehensive dash cam reviews on his youtube channel:

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My parents have had a rexxing in both their vehicles in the hot South Carolina summers for two years and they still work great. I bought a highly rated Viofo with a capacitor and it quit working in three days. The replacement lasted a week. I will be going with the rexxing soon, their customer support is pretty good too.

My step dad gave me one that I’ll be installing in my car tomorrow after I do some wiring as I only have one outlet. It’s a Pilot CL-3000wk has loop recording auto motion detection etc etc. Basically all the stuff you want in a dash Cam. I’ll report back with how it does.

Edit: apparently it’s way cheaper than I thought. This could really go either way lmao

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@strykerzr350 the results are… pretty meh. functionally it’s great but the video is like an 80’s episode of cops. cant read license plates but it’s functional… I will probably be upgrading myself, can’t complain though. I got this for free. apparently it’s $24 now.

Also my video automatically got a copyright claim LOL