Darling - a translation layer to run OS X binaries on Linux

We all know Wine. It is a translation layer to run Windows applications on Linux systems.
Wine is facing great challenges due to the fact that Windows and Linux (actually any *nix) have very different architectures.

However, both Apple's OS X and Linux are Unix systems. Therefore a translation layer is easier to implement.

Darling is essentially the the Wine for OS X binaries. Check it out: Darling HQ
Unfortunately, the project's website is ... not really functional
But you can view the source code for Darling on Github

When this project takes off, we could have a lot of the "creative tools" from OS X on Linux.

AUR Package

I'm not very familiar with osx software but this would be awesome! Wine has issues with it being well wine and windows software stuff, but even on the tek they said something like this would probably work better and easier for us users to set up iirc. I'm excited for this.

I saw that a couple of months ago. I'm just eager for them to get actual applications running. If they can get decent performance on OS X applications, then there really won't be much reason for me to ever use another OS.

I never really considered porting programs from OS X to Linux. This could be a very good solution depending on compatibility, stability, and ease of use. I can't wait to see what time and development can do for this.

The website is using a default wordpress site. That amused me more than it should have. haha

@wendell just FYI, it's approx as hard to get OSX binaries to run on Linux as it is to run Windows binaries on Linux. The real work are not the low level interfaces but all the proprietary middle-ware.

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This project has been at a stand still for ages.

Plus, who really cares. The only thing anyone would care about is final cut.

Other than final cut, the only real advantage OSX has over linux is the fact that the programs are cross compatible meaning that you can drag and drop files from photos into imovie or apple mail.

It would be a nice feature to see in gnome shell, but meh.

Great idea in concept but no commits since last year? That's a shame.

I noticed this a while back, did some digging, turn out that they've really only got a select few (terminal based(I think(420 tripple nested mlg shiz))) applications working.

Something like this would be fantastic, and architecturally straightforward to implement, however, it still needs a shitload of work. I think @tekwendell really hit the nail on the head when he said it would require (not sure if quoting him correctly) over 6 months worth of man hours of a average sized team to actually get this made properly. Even then, it would fall right into the crosshairs of Apples lawyers.

They might face legal scrutiny, but I think they'd end up in the clear. ReactOS (a FOSS implementation of Windows NT+ which also shares some code with Wine) had their entire codebase audited by Microsoft and came up clear. So long as they aren't using leaked code, clean room reverse engineering OS X would likely have the same results should Apple come knocking.

Unless apple patents a for loop and sues over that.

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Cough cough ADOBE CC SUITE Cough cough