Dark Souls confirmed for PC

Just thought I'd let you guys know as I think this is a very exciting anouncement. The game on PS3 is ridiculously good...it can only be even better on PC. Can't wait!


This look like something i could get into

It is a game designed with console players in mind...

 I've been seriously considering selling my Xbox 360, and this is just another reason for me to sell it.

Clearly you've never played the game. Yes the game was developped for consoles, and frankly I wouldn't play it without a controller: it's just that type of game. However, the game is HARD, not exactly what games targeted towards console gamers tend to be. It's a hardcore game that will please PC gamers.

It's not because a game was developped for consoles that it's targeted towards CoD players or such. Don't judge it before you play it.


Great another console port )=

PC gaming all the way!

I was actually making fun of the stereotyping that pc gamers normally give console gamers. The comment was made in jest so don't take it too seriously. To me, true console games were always really freakin' hard. The original Zelda, the Contra series, the original Castlevania formula (not the castletroid), Metroid, Megaman, etc. Most people didn't even finish most of these games. Dark Souls continues this tradition of making the game so challenging that you can only proceed and succeed by really comitting to the game. And the appeal of the game is the gameplay, not the graphics. This formula doesn't bring the mass appeal that COD has of pick up and walking the player by the hand. But the fact that PC doesn't have the mass appeal that consoles do doesn't make it any more hardcore. It's just consoles also have players who are not as dedicated and passionate among the hard core. But I like both and would like to see both, consoles and PCs, do well.

Anyways, that's the last time I bring the subject up. =P

Might give it a try.

Iv bin hoping for this hopefully it will be good.