Dark souls 2!

Is anybody else really stoked for Dark souls 2? Just sayin' I can't wait to get my hands on DS2! 

I've always been a fan of the souls series and can't wait for Bandai to make me wanna bash my monitor into a million pieces. 

Sort of, but I wish they make a PC version that is worth playing without hacks...

You sir, are an idiot. Dark Souls 2 is being developed for the PC along side the consoles. We are not talking about the original Xbox to PC port we got of Dark Souls. Which the fanbase petitioned for but expected a perfect port from a game developer who didn't originally develop for the PC. When this port wasn't perfect the fanbase had a tantrum because they expected more than what From Soft at the time could give.

As an on-topic related comment to the OP, yes I will be purchasing this game as soon as it is released on PC. I'm a competent PC user so getting the original Dark Souls to run at 1080p on my PC was a cake-walk and did not turn me off from the game. I had a lot of fun playing it and understanding the mechanics behind the game itself.

Chill out Batojiri. Even the director of the game said the port was half-assed. No need to call Mkk an idiot for wishing  that the pc port (of a supposedly very good game) be better. 

I'm really excited for Dks 2 atlhought I haven't decided if I should buy the PS3 version or the PC version.

It's all hyperbole, don't expect a developer that has no experience with developing for the PC to create a perfect port and you won't be disappointed. I'm just stating the facts. People expected too much of a developer that told them before even trying to port the game that they weren't going to be able to make a perfect facsimile of the game on PC. From Soft grew from even releasing that port which shows how dedicated they are to the real fans who don't whine about a shitty port when the fans themselves asked for the damn PC port in the first place.