Dark Souls 2 Collectors Edition PC?

Anyone know if FromSoftware is doing a Black Armor Edition or Collector's Edition For PC. I saw a picture of the PC Collector's Edition on Facebook when they announced it; but so far, no one is selling it, only the console version.

It hasn't been announced yet.

I see, I guess they won't do that until they have a firm PC release date. Well at least they said it will still be in march.....hopefully.

It was actually announced in Europe and Japan at the same time as the others, and is available for pre-order there as well.  It doesn't look like it's getting a physical release in the states at all.


You can see the Europe version here, the article is from the same date as the announcement: http://www.vg247.com/2013/09/19/dark-souls-2-ps3-xbox-360-release-date-set-pc-to-follow/

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Why!? Ugh this sucks. I guess my only hope is to import



I guess my next question is, despite the game being a European release, will it run on my PC?