Dark Prince

Hey guys!

It's been so long since I've had the time to do one of these. I've played around with a 4k system (which is still a work in progress and will be hooked up to a projector). This is my current build (this build has a new case [upgraded from Core V21 to Caselabs BH4) and latest Kaby Lake specs:

Concept: I originally pictured a dark elven prince who became evil after his father sided with the 'evil' humans who invaded their land to establish peace. I have a whole 10 page story that I'll eventually turn into a comic or publish into some sort of manga/lite novel. The theme for this build centers around the prince - the black for the darkness that fills that princes heart and the evil that's done and the yellow to represent his royal blood and the promise of a brighter tomorrow that the prince wishes to establish for his race with the eradication of the humans.

Processor: Intel i5-7500
Video Card: XFX RX 480 8GB RX Edition
RAM: Kingson Hyper-X 2400 4x4 (16GB) RAM
PSU: Corsair SFX 600W Modular
Motherboard: Gigabyte H170M DS3H MicroATX
Fans: EK Vardar, Case Fans, Corsair AF120 w/ custom rings
Storage: 1TB Samsung 960 M.2, 2x3TB WD Red (will be getting an eSATA dock for this)
Case: CaseLabs Bullet BH4 MicroATX Case
Keyboard: Drevo 10 keyless Red Switch Mechanical Keyboard
Mouse: Roccat Kone XT
Controller: Xbox One w/ sleeved Micro USB Cable by Anker
Monitor: LG 29UM68 FreeSync IPS UltraWide Monitor
Speakers AudioEngine A2+
Subwoofer: HSU Research 300W 10" Downfiring Sub
DACS: O2 DAC and Headphone Amp, Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100 (for speakers)
Headphones: HiFiMan 400I Orthodynamic

Table Build:

Precursor Monitor:


(unfortunately chipped :(]

Wario approved:

--Paint job--
Case Feet (MNPC Tech ITX Anodized):

Case Fans:





Air cooled dirty acrylic:

Dendric original model:

Case Nighttime:

Case Daytime:

Monitor Nighttime:

Keyboard Daytime:

Keyboard Nighttime:



Audio setup:

(the hockey puck this is a Google Cast Audio so I can listen to my music away from the computer)

The Dark Prince:

Full Setup:

Shoes to compliment the build:

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Bumblebee would approve.

One of thee days I think I am gonna connect my pc to a projector. Gaming is gonna be so cool. Like 3D but with out the glasses.

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Nothing is more immersive than 120" and a sound system. This 2.1 setup is really good for fighting games as you can really hear the punches land.