Dark Night II Hawk Edition Extreme

So we got a Dark Night II here. I put it on my FX 8150, and it was cooler than with my H60.

It got cool, Just not cool enough. It IS an FX 8150, after all. 

So I added a couple of fans..

Two UltraKake 3000 RPM fans. 133CFM Each. Very high SP.

Heres my board complete with all cables.[The best I can do with this case]


Is this set-up Extemely loud? Yes. 

Do I care? Not really.

My A/C Unit is louder than my PC, so it's all good.

It also allows me to overclock from 3.6 to 4.6. A full GHz! My temps max out at 65-68C. Above AMDs Limit, but under the point of doing damage.

My friend recently bought that cooler.  It works great.  His set up is dual fan but set really low RPM to stay quiet instead.  The cooler is a beast!