Dark Funeral unveils new lineup with video premiere



Not sure how I feel about it. I liked Masse better, but I've only yet heard one song, so I guess we will see. No release date or mention of an album yet, just the one single.

this track is old news, well for me anyways. but it's an "Okay" song in my personal opinion. i enjoyed the single "My Funeral" from "Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus" much more than this one. Overall I'll probably make a proper judgment once i hear the new album with this new vocalist. similarly with Arch Enemy, i also had mixed feelings for "War Eternal" i didn't like the single but the other tracks on the album were much better. so hopefully Dark Funeral redeems themselves to with the new album.

I haven't been able to force myself to listen to AE without Angela, maybe I'll give that a try today.

I tried.  I went into the new tracks with an open mind.  I didn't really dig them, to be honest.  Not only were the new vocals not quite there (imo), but the new material just seemed to be quite boring both musically and lyrically.