Dangerous overclock? Electromigration

Hey guys, overclocked my HD 6950 2GB card back in January. Ever since I have had a lingering thought about the long term effects of this overclock. Now I know most overclocked won't signifigantly effect the life of your card, however mine isn't a normal overclock. I would say it's a bit above normal. My 6950 is set stock at 800MHz with a core voltage of 1.1v I believe. At Christmas of coarse I got a huge Arctic cooling air cooler. Since I was getting such good temps with it I pushed the card over a few days, stress testing as I went. I ended up with a core voltage of 1.3v 1GHz on core, and a 1400MHz memory clock (stock was about 1250 I believe).

So as I said, I've have had the slight worry about the life effects of this overclock. My temps never go over 55C which is way better than with the stock cooler which was like 80C+ under load. When I was reading about overclocking tactics I read about electromigration but never quite figured out if I was actually increasing my electromigration with the overclock. They say voltage doesn't kill card, heat does. But will electromigration be increased with this overclock even though I have better temperatures? Hopefully I'm remembering correctly that heat increases electromigration.

Dont worry about it, by the time the card will start to fail, you will have upgraded already to somthing much better. Electromigration is a long drawn out process, it takes years to start seeing significat effects. So just chill out, your creating a problem for yourself where none exists.

As long as its a very very stable OC, then it should last you long enough until you upgrade to a new card/system as stated above