Dang my peasant friends


I really love my pc gaming experiences. But there a problem. I have majority of my friends play console, mainly playstation 4, and I play both pc and ps4. I like have conversations and game sessions with them, but I rather enjoy my gaming on pc. So I am stuck with console multiplayer games and single player pc games. This is just a rant I guess. But I have told them they need a pc, but they think pc has no games'gasp.'

You don't have to know people in order to play multiplayer games on the pc. It can actually be a nice way to meet knew people you share common interests with.

Hey, Guess what? There is nothing wrong with playing on consoles. Hell even I own an xbox 360 and have clocked thousands of hours on it. Play whatever you want, If they want to play on a console, Thats their choice. Now move on and rather than complain about how shit peoples decisions are, do what any sane person would do and enjoy the games you have to play.


I owned 2 PS3s in a month, get on my level.

I am not complaining. But when I have my pc sitting right in front of me it's always a fun experience. I like my consoles, but perfer getting games on pc. My group of friends think pc gaming is dead.

I own both ps3, ps4, and a xbot. What are we comparing lol

I just want to share my humble opinion that if I was playing games other than Paradox strategy games, I would totally switch to consoles. They are more unified and stable in how they are organised. On PC you've got Steam, Origin, uPlay and so on. All the software is divided, and the biggest one, Steam - completely sucks.

Ya I do but don't have alot of time. Got those peasants friends :)

I like both.

But I perfer steam. Usually get games that are on origins, uplay, and origins (depends on the game) on console.