Damn what's up with this?

My CPU is at 67C/152F, why is it so hot? I've only had my computer on for like 15 minutes. It isn't usually this hot

Wut CPU cooler do u have?

stock :( I was told it wasn't worth getting a different one for my CPU, and it's usually fine anyway, so I dunno why it's being so hot

Wuts ur normal temp usually?

Taskmanager, check if something is using like shitloads of cpu power.

uhm cant remember, but its okay its becuase prime95 was running, still thats pretty hot even for full load. Its gone down to 47C now, is that still quite hot ocnsidering i'm not really doing anything?

>it wasn't worth getting a different one for my CPU


Nah thats pretty normal for that AMD...

My cpu is kinda fucked up lately.. Or the cooler...

Speedfan sez;

CPU; 37

core 1: 46

core 2: 47

not really doing anything.. listening to music, browsing...

Oh well.. It's probably because of my sloppy volt adjustment/overclock...

well its down at 46 now but ptime95 was doing tests for some reason so i knocked it off, should be lower than 46 though really...

and on speedfan i have no idea what temp 3 represents because it has a flame next to it and is constantly at 84

Dude.. It's an athlon, on stock cooler.. It's supposed to be like that

Why? Are they shit? I guess it was cheap

They are not shit, they're just a bit "old" and high nm (dunno AMD athlons nm, but I think it is 65nm).