Alright so one of my standsoffs wont screw in so i said FUCK IT, My mobo has 8 holes for me to screw the board in and i left one out is that bad or no?

AW yea where i didnt put the screw there is no standoff.

No problem using fewer screws, just bear it in mind when plugging stuff into the board.

It's always best to put in all the standoffs, but one less won't really hurt.

Where is the missing screw's spot? 

And be careful when plugging stuff in.

I know what you mean, I got my Define R4 and the last standoff would not stay in. I had to screw them in multiple time and had to take my motherboard out twice which took about 40 minutes.

Most likely, 7 standoffs is plenty to support your motherboard, but you may be putting pressure on a particular part of the board. Which standoff wouldn't fit?

For me it was the bottom left, which no matter how tight I screwed it in, would not stay in or when I tried to un screw the screw from it, because it didnt screw properly the entire standoff came with it.. So I couldn't fix bad placed in screw because my mother board was covering it and had to take the entire motherboard out.