DameWare Naming Conflict

Hey All

Hoping that maybe I can get some insight. We currently use DameWare to connect to PC’s for troubleshooting. Most of the time we rarely run into any issues except for one.

At random we will receive an error that states when I am trying to connect to computer A "possible Name Resolution Conflict the remote computer reported its host name to be different that the host name(computer A) you used for this connection.
Computer name: computer B
IP Address: XXX.XXX.18.102

The Computer A that I am trying to remote into has an IP of

If I use that IP in DameWare I am able to connect without issue.
I am also able to connect to computer B without any problem by name.

We have a work around and have just started asking for staff to provide us with the IP of their machine. Some staff have a hard time getting the IP to us even with a guide of where to find it.

Check to see how long lease times in DHCP is and the Active Directory DNS service may not be updating itself often enough.

If it is a remote client, then the DNS replication may not be kicking in often enough.

May get some upset for reviving an old thread but wanted to update.

We were able to find the issue, looks like DNS was not getting updated as it should. We had some records that were in the ballpark of 2+ years old.
Enabled DNS scavenging and haven’t had the issue of naming conflicts since.

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