Dallas Used Networking Hardware

Does anyone know where I can get some sweet deals on second hand networking gear. Such as routers and switches? The equipment I'm working with sucks. I hate having to reboot my stupid all in one all the time to restore stupid ports when they start acting up. I rather go on a CLI and address issues.

Check ebay, there are a ton of massive switches and such that can be had for very little.


The only thing I have found in DFW is a friend with a data center that throws out old gear every once in a while, and a lucky break at a resale store who took in pallets of donated monitors from a corporation that moved out of state.

Haven't found any electronics recycling stores, but there are universities that work with 3rd party auctioneers. The listings are never online, so you have to catch them each time there's an auction. Same with city gov; I haven't found any real computer gear with those, yet.

Please post if you find any decent avenue. I am wondering the same.

Craigslist and eBay are pretty much it. I got lucky and someone out a box next to a dumpster with 2 24 port Cisco switches and a bunch of old consoles and cables. Also know he has ptsd and his social number because his dumbass left medical records in the box.

Just wanted to post something here in case anyone is looking.

A studio in Dallas is suddenly moving tomorrow and is having a garage sale on a bunch of old stuff. I'll be down there tomorrow, so I'll post more info and the location if there is anything worth checking out. Dunno about networking gear specifically, but should be something production related and/or tech infrastructure.

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4000 East side ave
Dallas, TX

Garage sale today
Old rendering nodes, switches, and monitors. And some other junk.

The goodwill stores down here have a separate store for computers and parts (Goodwill Computer Works). The store near Oak Lawn is the best one but the one in Plano can also have good stuff it's just small af. Also, there is a spot called Computer Reset around Lake Highlands/635 that sells used stuff and might be worth a shot.

Thanks I'l'l check the out. Hopefully I can find some cool stuff for my home lab!