Dad wants a keyboard with wide space between keys

Apparently a normal keyboard is not good enough for him, he wants one with larger spacing between the keys as he complains of hitting multiple keys at once. He does not want a keyboard with large keys and small gaps. Just normal keys with larger than normal gaps. Does this even exist?

Has he tried a mechanical keyboard like the CM STORM Quickfire TK.. Took me a little time to get used to the wider gaps between keys, but it's amazing

Just took a measurement.. There are 7mm between the keys.

ive got the CM STORM devastator keyboard and its got quite a big space in between the keys not massive but a nice size

Yeah I think it's the same as the quickfire, but the devastator looks a little more gamerish than the quickfire :)

Thanks guys, is it quiet? I forgot to mention that requirement.

His Logitech keyboard has about a 4mm gap, he says 7mm would be a vast improvement.

the devastator is not exactly quit but does he really need a quiet keyboard?

or he could learn to type properly. . . . . . .

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This keyboard might appeal to your Dad. You would have to source one for your own country, if you're not in the UK.


There is this one for the USA.


You can get O-rings that reduce noise and travel distance. Like these:


Better not let those O Rings get bellow 10 degrees Celsius!

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It's a space joke, although it's a bit morbid.

Oh.. Oh god, it went over my head at first. But anyways I 4th the motion for quickfire.

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What about the Apple chicklet keyboards?

A mechanical keyboard switch with a tactile bump (cherry blues or browns) would definitely help him with miss keystrokes.

If quiteness is a requirement then this is an issue. Blues are loud. Browns aren't as bad and apparently pretty good if rubber o-rings are applied to switch for sound dampening. This is something that must be tested out beforehand though.

Yeah I suspect what he wants probably does not exist.

I like the idea of the O rings but I don't like the idea of fitting them all myself. I might buy a bag to play with just on their own though. They look fun.

Do tell