DAC/AMP Setup w/ sub

Since his move to the house, it is flavour of the month with Z. One hype train after the other. On HifiGuides-Forum (where he shines by absence), you can see the “new greatest thing ever” being sold off by the community members who “fell for it” after the new&shiny wore off.

With Z, it is whatever new thing pops up. With ASR, it is whatever new thing has slightly higher number. On SBAF, I am not sure there is a common belief there. Trust your own ears (and wallet).



Think I just found exactly what you need: TOPPING MX5 Multi-Function Power Amplifier – Apos Audio

It has two AMPs internally (one for headphone and one for speakers), an internal DAC, and a decent selection of inputs (incl. bluetooth)

It’s also $299

So literally right within your budget :slight_smile:


Thanks for that @aj0413 . I’ve been going back and forth with the people over at AudioScienceReview and we came up with a solution that is expandable and fits the situation. Gonna get a Topping DX3 Pro+(DAC) and a Topping PA3s(Amp). It should dive my Realistic’s just fine, add a sub and be hunky dory but it’s gonna cost me an extra $50, so that’s doable since I can keep the speakers I want to use and don’t have to get any powered bookshelf speakers.

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Did this solution work out? I use a schiit modi/magni for headphones, and run the preamp out of magni to an old Yamaha (2005 era HTR-5930). The Yamaha started cutting out on the left channel. Not sure if that’s due to the preamp or the amp. Not sure if I’ll even try to repair, it’s the sub-cheap amp of the year.
Anyway, I saw aliexpress has the wiim amp for 223, instead of the $300 price here in the states. I was thinking of feeding the schiit magni to the wiim so it gets a signal when the headphones are unplugged. I guess I could also plug it directly into the PC, and just switch audio out when I swap headphones to speakers (jamo s803s with sub, nothing to special)

I wanted to see how your system worked out before I put the amp in place. I could easily use it in the upstairs primary bedroom since it has in wall speakers, that currently aren’t in use for the tv. Maybe I need many more amps. :wink: