DAC/AMP for DT990 PRO?

Hey, everybody. I have a question.

I have a DT990 PRO and I need to choose a DAC/AMP for it.
For now, my choice is:

  • Schiit Magni 2 / Modi 2
  • Audioengine D1
  • Fiio E10k

Can anyone recommend the best solution for my needs?

There is no “best” solution that anyone can recommend for you, as audio is a bit too subjective for that.
I would say buy them all and try them out and send the ones you don’t like back.

Schiit Magni 2 / Modi 2 is a very popular option, and you cant go far wrong there.

But as @Hako said, it’s subjective. So best to try all if possible. If not, I doubt you’d be disappointed with the Magni/Modi.

Can’t go wrong with a Schiit Stack. A Schiit Hel would probably work well too.

The 990 is 250 Ohm, right?

Edit: I would avoid USB powered options as they lack the power to properly drive DT-990s. The Schiit Hel @w.meri mentioned works arround that by using one USB input for power.

Monolith Liquid Spark or JDS Labs Atom may be options.

Checkout Mayflower electronics