D2 Calls

Anyway since some on my team haven't played 1.6 or lower, and don't know have the calls I make, I decided to make a map for de_dust2 very detailed with all the calls and I figured I would share it here. Maybe it can help you in whatever matches you do on D2.


thats a really good one, usually though i hear people say "long a" not just "long"

and instead of "upper b" its usually "tunnels" maybe thats just the server i play on though...

Awesome, would agree with George though and perhaps 'crossover' where ct ramp joins A ramp... only what ive used with clans in the past like...

You should make this for fire because I always fucking forget that map. lol

D2 was an easy one, everyone knows that shit.

I bet if you made these for all the maps you could sell them..... xD

I just yell out HALLLLLPPP whenever I need help.

Well I mean with the right setups, you shouldn't need help.

This is how Paradigm works.


Hey cool, a strat I can steal :]