D&T Project: All in one docking station

I am starting my high school design and technology major design project where I have a year to design and make a prototype of a product that solves any problem I choose.

The problem I was thinking of has 3 parts:

    - the increasing amount of devices and technology people have

    - the decreasing living space due to increased apartment living => less space for devices / docks / tv units / routers...

    - the hassle of average people in wiring and connecting all the technology through and behind furniture

My possible solution 1:

    - turning the TV unit (furniture under a TV) into an ultimate compact docking station where people dock all their devices in the front to pre routed cables, and then have 1 AC power connector out the back to the wall, and HDMI outputs to the TV. There will be built in amp and speakers so the devices will have their audio outputs connected to the amp within the unit. Also other common technology in a house such as a router will be built in to simplify things for people.

Main Features and Characteristics:

    - 3 docks for consoles, cable TV, DVD players... with an available HDMI cable, audio cable and power options (power board and AC power cable). Also an Ethernet cable

    - a micro USB dock for a phone or tablet with an optional apple lightning adapter for apple devices that is connected to the amp to play music and charge the battery

    - a laptop dock with hdmi cable for output to the TV, audio cable to the amp, and power board socket for charging. Also an Ethernet cable.

    - In built antenna for free to air TV

    - in built modem / router

    - Some sort of remote control holder

    - Built in amp and speaker system

    - power board inside the unit that all the devices inside the unit are connected to with the one power cable going out the back of the unit to the wall.

possible idea for expansion:

    - building in a mini computer that with storage for media

    - computer could be programmed to control the inputs and outputs of the devices in the all in one docking station.

If there is anything U don't understand, please comment.

Please post your suggestions.

If anyone could suggest an amp and speakers with about 5/6 audio inputs that would be helpful. Is there an option to have one with a USB port to play music through from a phone or will I have to make the phone dock with separate USB power and 3.5mm audio?

I will try to post updates of features as I go and sketches of what the unit will look like. Maybe start a blog thingo if people are interested in this project.

Use a raspberry pi for the mini computer? And a subwoofer with height/angle adjustable arms that people could angle to their needs, I made a dock organiser in my Design class that charged a blackberry and an ipod with the cables hidden from the back. I tried a headphone holder and a drawer for accessories with less success, I think your idea might be a bit too clunky in a sense, maybe just having usb ports would work cleaner.  How will you be making this? and if you have any drawings or any info i would love to know, very very very interested in this!

I would check out 3D printing separate components and make them be stackable? Or something along those lines. For example, someone who wants an iPhone charger needs a different dock then an S4. Or give more details as to what exactly you want to do. I would also incorporate an HDMI receiver... Why? Multiple HDMI's to all the consoles for video and audio. It'll go straight to the amp and speakers and from there directly to the tv with one cable... Hope it all works out man!