D-bag AT&T

What the hell is wrong with AT&T? Do they actually think anyone believes this crap?

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act confused so that you have more time to sit on your ass and do nothing.

All of these companies SHOULD be ashamed of themselves. But why bother? Cause with they're billions of dollars they can literally afford to not give a fuck.

The thing that disturbs me most, is knowing that there has probably been a countless number of missed opportunities in terms of technological, economical, political and social advancement... Etc. Due to the lack of affordable and unlimited internet!

To take this astounding tool of infinite and unlimited resource and then say "Lets parcel it out by the Gig or hold an entire countries access to it for ransom" Its just pure evil. And I find it disgusting that this is the situation we are in.

The only thing wrong with AT&T is really that they made a public comment on this. It's the same crap that ever telecom company is doing. Especially US based companies, due to our lack of clarity of laws regarding the internet(some because the FCC has left the definition of several aspects of internet usage and service very vague, and part because reasons...a.k.a. $$), this is all common practice. Why they thought it was a brilliant idea to even comment on this is beyond me. I'm sure their PR/marketing department was having a meltdown after he made these comments.

For better or worse, AT&T typically moves the US telecoms markets by their decisions then others follow. Zero-Rating(as the article mentions), which is good for the customer, was rolled out by AT&T first. The problem is, it's an under-the-hood process for them currently, and not a dedicated service like T-Mo is doing with Binge On. A year or 2 ago, AT&T cut contract prices by ~$30-40 on average when all carriers had hiked prices to insane levels. This forced the market to catch up and drop their prices also. Of course, the bad side of that price drop was more bundling and stricter data caps, plus the change in subsidized plans. The good with the bad.