Cyborg gaming lights

Hey, i have been thinking about buying this for quite a while now but i can´t seem to find that many reviews about it.

Does anyone of you guys own a pair of this? If yes, what is your opinion on them?.

From the videos i watched, i think it would really improve immersion, but since i never really tried them in person i am afraid that i am going to get tired after a couple weeks.


here is a link with a quick video showing off some games:

I've never cared for behind the screen lighting like that. It kills immersion for me because it just highlights my screen and walls. If I really wanted to be immersed I'd just prefer everything but the screen to be completely dark. That's just me though.

That said I also don't get the appeal of buying a prebuilt light setup. The DIY lighting stuff is awesome. I like to tinker though...