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Cyberpunk 2077 — Launch


The game launched earlier this week, let this thread be the hub for all updates interesting stuff we find

fixes and graphics optimizations

older threads + discussions

If you want to look at past history, here’s some older threads


Is there a cyberpunk launch thread?

One of my friends who was running a ryzen cpu applied the change and reported a noticeable performance improvement



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I find it odd that I have yet to experience that many major bugs.

Biggest one I’ve encountered was one where something in a BD didn’t actually “manifest” for me to scan, and was solved by simply reloading the last save which occurred at the beginning of the BD.

Beyond that, the game runs smooth as butter for me at 1080p with everything turned up to full blast. Am I the only one who remembered to update their GPU drivers and verify the integrity of their game install before playing?

Absolutely loving the game.


Yeah there is some very odd stuff happening though over all it work fine it seems.

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Easter Eggs I’ve found so far:

GLADOS is one of the rogue cabs
Three sea shells instead of toilet paper in my apartment


I wonder if there are any fallout related ones seeing as 2077 is a shared date.


This game wasn’t ready. Having to run the game in 1280X 720 just so I don’t drop into the 40 fps range when driving around on a 2700X.

I simply don’t understand why it’s so CPU heavy when it has like zero simulations. Traffic and AI are dim as Fuck. They all vanish as soon as shots are fired. At least in GTA you see the Peds react and attempt to run away. They just faze out like that fat kid meme.

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For your problem for some reason the game default ignores SMT on AMD CPUs so that might be part of the problem.

But what GPU are you using and general settings level.


That’d be interesting.

I’m still floored to have found GLADOS . I was legit taken aback by it. It was entirely unexpected.

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I know you can also fine Hideo Kojima hanging out in a club somewhere.

I need to buy this game at this point, I know too much to not be playing it but not enough to know about actually playing it.

It’s been a blast so far, in my experience.

I’m going to be a little disappointed if I don’t at some point pass a bleach blonde haired black man wearing a red shirt and suspenders saying “Damn, I’m possessed!”.

They could do so many easter eggs in this game.

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Expectations vs Reality


So eh… They have hard set the PC to use the Consoles Memory sizes.

Go to [Install Location]/engine/config/memory_pool_budgets.csv and edit it with note pad to you full GPU VRAM and half the System ram is recommended, but feel free to play with it.

Supposed to boost up to 60% performance and load times are near instant now.


Oh hell the fuck yes. Thank you.


No problem, Happy to be able to help people fix someone elses games…

Seriously… No, actually I wont even start.

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I haven’t had any, but at the same time I hate the thought that I’ve been playing the game in a limited capacity.

My real problem is an audio bug, but that’s a problem with my PC and not the game. It happens in just about any game. No idea what is causing it.


Not many bugs on my end either, but tons of crashes and game hangs…

^on the Xbox One version.

Well first of all graphics (and therefore resolution) is on the GPU (duh) and so the 2700X is not all that relevant and secondly you’re the first I hear this of, so I’d suspect something on your end…


I’ve had one hang in all the time I’ve been playing it. Not sure if it was the games fault or just me going AFK for like an hour and leaving the game paused.

Seen a few issues with my friend playing, no game breaking but its a fucking joke if you ask me.

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this is my brothers amd thing, he has a 8gb 570 and it sure looks like thats 5.5gb usage?