Cyberpowerpc?hows this?

i have been on cyberpowerpc for a while and pcpartpicker, of course if you build you own you will save a lot of money but honestly i dont want to build my own so heres my build on cyberpowerpc.tell me how it is and maybe ill make it on pcpartpicker to compare prices and ill think about building my own.

I like it. But I would rather  build my own computer for the experience. Also when you turn your PC on for the first time, you get a feeling of accomplishment you built it with your own hands. By the way it's not rocket science. 


Looks decent, but you could probably build a better one for the same price.

I agree with Vortex88

I think you should burn your money.

O.O crap price. I built a PC with a 2500k and a 7870 with similar parts for $ should stay away from those sites.... 

This is as close as I could get to what you linked from Cyberpower as some of the things either aren't on pcpartpicker or don't have enough information.

The total there comes out to: 


Compared to the pre-built price of:



Thats a total of  around $226.93 that you're paying them to assemble everything for you. If you're a lazy fuck or an indifferent buffoon, I guess it isn't that bad. Consider for a moment though that you could spend that extra money upgrading your GPU to either a 7970 GHz Edition or go for a second 7870 for crossfire. If neither of those interest you, you could upgrade your CPU to an equivalent i7-3770k and still have enough left over for a 120GB SSD. And thats just mentioning some of the things you could use the money for on your system...


I wouls stay away from those Ibuypower and Cyberpower websites. You may seem like your getting a good deal, but i have heard way to many horror stories on for almost every machine they sell breaks. They also have horrable customer service. Please dont risk your money on them, its much smarter to save your money and build it yourself.