Cyberpowerpc build (Is it good?)

So the PC im helping someone pick out is

I've built a pc from scratch, but I had some help... we were just putting this together so he didn't have to assemble it and we were wondering how the price is for the performance that we've got pumping out.

In other words... is this build worth the money?

it does not state that the PSU is 80+ bronze and is most likely not a trusted brand ... and the tiny radiator single fan CPU cooler is not optimal and the Asrock mobo is not the most dependable and trustworthy ... for the same $1188 you could build a much better system with better quality parts.

 this is much better .... $1159.17  and you get far superior components and performance.

If you really want a pre-built PC, I suggest using NCIX's $50 building service.  Only negative is that everything needs to be bought from NCIX.

And just so you know ... shipping fully pre built machines is sometimes sketchy .. I have worked for the post office and UPS and know that things are not always treated with the greatest of care.

^^ I agreed. I would try to build it yourself. Watch some of Carey Holzman's videos on Youtube. He makes it very easy for beginners to assemble a new rig!. If you don't think you can do it, NCIX is probably the next best choice..the $50 build thing. Buying prebuilt pc's you got sooo ripped off!

My friends and I have had computers built by them before and they worked fine, though as with all things depending where you live can cause some issues. By that I mean the handling of the package and cost of shipping. Some people have had issues with cyberpower and I did have a small issue (ended up just having to move my front audio cable so I wasn't getting static) but most of the time you will be fine (and if you arent, complain. It will get you somewhere). For shipping they put this thing in a box and then in another box (not even joking, mine came in a box that was almost 4ft x 4ft x 2ft. Thats mainly because they do give you the gpu and mobo boxes and put the pc in the box the case came in and fill it all with foam.) You would probably be fine (builds that my friends have gotten from them have never had issues from shipping) although the possibility is always there, and I'm sure they could find a way to screw up the shipping.

Though if you can build it, I would do that any day