Cyberpower and iBuypower

Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I don't know if this is the right forum.  I am really new to computer gaming and I don't know much about anything.

I have been a console gamer in the past but I sold my xbox. I have been looking to buy a decent gaming pc and my buget is about  a max $500.  I really want to play RTS games like SC2, FTP MMOs and FPS like planetside 2. With such a small buget, I was definately looking to build a pc but as I was on I looked at gaming pcs offered by both cyberpower and ibuypower. Again, I know virtually nothing and need some help. Is it worth it to buy the parts and build it myself? Should I get something offered by ibuypower or cyberpower instead? What should I do to get the best for my money?  Any sweet deals I should know about? Thanks for the help everyone.

Always build one. Better bang for the buck. I'll try to get working on a config. GIGABUSTER.EXE, you are needed! LOL

ibuypower charges 50-20% more than building it urself..... usually end up being anothe $500-1000, and their selection isn't great

The build is like 25 dollars over budget but it is well worth it because you'll get a really good video card. If you really can't spare the money go with this 7770 instead and you'll save 50 dollars.

CPU: Its quite old but it's good for the money and you can overclock it if that is your thing. If you do decide to go that route I would suggest getting this CPU cooler.

Motherboard: It's on sale right now for a real good price and will allow you to upgrade to a better CPU if you need it later.

Memory: It has a nice CAS and is low voltage.

Video Card: A really good card for the money will allow you to max out most games at even 1920*1200. You could also play them at 2560*1600 but you'll have to turn down some settings.

Case: Comes in black to if you don't like the white.

Power Supply: 80+ Bronze

Hard Drive

You'll get more for your money if you buid your own PC and if you end up getting stuck you can check out Logan's how to build a PC video

also not to mention that pre built computer companies normally use cheap shit crap $10 power supplies and naturally, as it being the component that supplies the power, it has to be reliable. The cheap ones that come with pre builts have a very high tendency to blow and take your entire system with it.

Since GIGA hasn't turned up:

there is no optical drive, but I'm sure you can pawn one from a friend

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whos giga?