Cyber Acoustics - CA-3602a

Just a curious question, since I really know nothing about speakers in general, other than just adjusting the volume up and down, haha. But I just recently bought these speakers and was wondering why when I lower the volume the sound will only come from one speaker, and when I raise it it starts to come from both? Is there really anyway to just have it coming from both speakers no matter what volume it's at? I just find it annoying when it's coming from just one side. 

Thanks for the help! It's appreciated. 

Might be the song you're listening to. Try play a different song, see if it does that. If it does it again, your speaker might be defective. I own the same Ca 3602a and that does not happen to me. Might wanna check if cables are properly plugged in, and you can try to plug it in a different audio source (another laptop/computer, phone, tablet etc etc) to see it happens.

You sure it might not just be a setting or something? 

Yes, i am quite sure. I've used this on my laptop, computer, iPod, iPhone 4, my brother's Dell laptop. I am 99.99% sure that it is not a setting

Well, I went thru switching it around and what not, and it's still doing the same thing. When the volume knob is set to a low volume it comes from just one speaker, but when you begin to raise the volume, it starts coming from both speakers and sounds fine. I don't understand.