Cyanogen Mod 11 download link and weird charging rates on OnePlus One

So I recently changed to Oxygen OS from CyanogenMod 12.1 due to issues with app compatibility and battery drainage. With my experience with my Oxygen OS I can get to play games more but the fps in the games suffers and last longer. I was just wondering that downloading Cyanogen Mod 11 will help help some of the issues that I am having. Also I am having weird charge rates from Charging from the wall with the stock Charger which had the adapter cause Chinese phone and Australia pins that the charge rate is roughly .8a to 2a mostly in the 1.2a range and when I charge with my power bank which is a Hotway ProBox 10400 and the rate is about .3 to .5 amps when the power bank has the capability to output 2.1a on one USB port.

PLEASE HELP CAUSE THE ONEPLUS ONE IS DRIVING ME NUTS. I can't return it since I got it from a grey market site and if I did the condition that it is in is not returnable.

ps. How I got these numbers is using my Charger Doctor.

Depending on which ROM you're running, are you running GAPPS and which software's running in the background, your battery's gonna fly out of the house
Enable the privacy on everything Google, and just force stop every process or app that you're not using all the time.
Disable autostart on the shit that you don't need.

As for the charge rates, I can't help ya there...

Probably not..

What app incompatibility have you had? You've not mentioned anything that doesnt work.

This seems normal.

Have you tested it on another non fast charging device to see if you get similar results?

I've gotten mine to last longer now. It used to only last 1-2 hours or gaming and 6-8 hours idle. After disabling almost all the apps from sending crap back and running in background, changing all my settings on privacy guard it last 2-4 hours in gaming and possibly 8-12 hours now.

The reason for the small number is the battery cannot fast charge or it automates it itself. I would suggest using a fast charger or battery charge booster app, they help. You get faster charge to 80-90% then it trickle charges a hour or so til 98 or 100%. So yea even with a portal charger that's rated 5v 1.2amps or 2amps out you're not getting the full 2amp as it would trickle in 2amps for 3 seconds then bring it down to .5 amps for 10 seconds etc... Putting your phone on airplane mode while charging helps and lowering brightness helps. The phone will get hot I mean my Oneplus One gets really hot just charging from 50-100% just being on while charging fast. It's almost unbearable. Sometimes I leave it on while charing in a game and it actually drains the portable battery. Say you have it charged to 100% and forget to unplug it and it gets a parasitic drain on both the phone and the portable charger.

Oxygen is worse, IMO than 12.1 I had it 2-3 months ago when there was only 5.0 andriod OSes. Lastly make sure you have no background apps running. I used to have facebook or google this or google that running. Sure it doesn't do much but actually they are sending data on idle and doing stuff in background. I used greenify but it didnt' disable them at all. I tried Andriod Task Killer but sometimes it wouldn't detect them all. Eventually I just disable them all on each app settings. Now 12.1 is bearable.Restrict app background data really helps too.

Just mainly a couple gaming apps like Deemo and Cytus that they will run but there are issues running the games. One of the issues is that Cytus goes to a white screen and I have to use the back button to get to the start screen. With Oxygen OS I get fps drops which is NOT GOOD for a rhythm based game for both apps :\

The only other device I had is an iPhone 4 and the charge was I think about .6a .7a not too sure since it's not mine. One thing with the voltages that I get a stable 5 volts where the Power Bank would get about 4.7-4.8 volts which is weird.

you want this rom

battery life is amazing the rom is stable you will also need gapps get them from here get the micro package .......flash ur rom flash gapps then set up phone after its set up go to settings > privacy > privacy gard > top right click dotted lines show advanced > find google play services deny wake up and week awake go back find google app and deny wake up and week awake

you will then find that your battery will drastically improve

if you want audiofx ask and il provide a link

note that this rom applies an underclock to your cpu which can be disabled but dont its set to 1.9Ghz and due to this the phone stays cool and never thermal throttles the cpu actually keeping the phone more responsive at times i found .....also gaming is not affected still fast and no stuttering

rom also includes several android security patches

one last thing the rom used to get updates every day but due to the developer now working on his rom for android 6.0.1 this rom no longer gets updates that often but u dont need them it's stable and secure ....myself i used this rom for a long time i am not on his 6.0.1 rom i would tell u to move to it only if u dont mind some bugs ...updates every 2-3 days