CX600 PSU with Gigabyte motherboard

Will This CX600 PSU 

be compatible with this 

Gigabyte motherboard



thanks guys!!!


also will this be fine wiht the 7870?

Oh yes, a power supply is a power supply, with part compatibility, as long as it meets the connector requirements and watt requirment. Also, a 7870 will be fine. You can even overclock it some. CPU overclocking will depend on the CPU. If you have i7s and amd 8 cores, you would want to get a better PSU. I am not sure about the AMD 6 cores, but you will be fine

if i wanted to buy an 8350 CPU what psu would you recommend - budget!!! would this psu be fine?

It will be fine to run it. Just not do a 4.5Ghz OC, with a OCed high-end GPU. A Corsair TX850 or HX850 will be perfect for overclocking and giving you extra power

ok so on the CX600 will it overclock the Fx 4100?

Yeah, should be fine. IT should be good for that. What GPU are you using?

well i was using a GTX 550 Ti then the thing burnt out!!! probably becaus eoa shitty 450W PSU i am using a radeon 5450 for a bit until i get a 7870