Cutting the cable cord!

I didn't really know where to post this, or if there is a post like it anywhere on the forum, so I apologise if there is!


With that I ask that if there is, please direct me to it! :)


So I am wanting to cut cable and save some money, is there a good community for this kind of thing anywhere? I don't know a ton about all of it, but I am trying to learn. I just want to surround myself with like minded people haha. Also, is there any way to find fellow cord cutters around me in my area?


Thanks everyone! 


Check in your area for locally run ADSL companies. They're classified differently from cable companies because they use the telephone lines and you'll often have one or two DSL providers in your area.

I know in Northern CA there's who are awesome but can't offer the speeds I need to stream and torrent and do other things so I'm stuck with suckcast.

Thanks for the reddit! And yea sadly I live in a college town and the only speeds worth anything are provided by monopolies. :(

get some scissors, find the cord, put the cord between the the blades of the scissor, then bring the handles of the scissors together to cut the cord.

Orly? Gee thanks pal lol

haha just joking but apparently thats frowned upon here. try downloading xbmc. search for it. it lets you watch alot of free online content in a nice ui.

I was just trolling back my friend! And I have recently been playing around with xbmc the last week or so actually, I really like it thus far!