Cutting price/Adding parts on build

  • Budget- Prefered is $1000 the max is $1200
  • Country/Currency-US/USD
  • Retailer-As long as I can get my parts, dont really have a preference
  • The only peripherals that I have is a mouse, keyboard, and a CD-ROM from an old computer
  • The computer will be used for gaming, programming, and using Blender. Maybe game recording down the line
  • Over-clocking is not on the to-do list but I much prefer low-temps regardless of overclocking or not
  • water cooling-maybe when this build gets a little slow a few years down the line and I have to make another one.
  • I prefer the highest quality but I want atleast medium quality at the beginning. I plan on adding another GPU down the line.
  • I prefer FPS for the most part but I do plan on branching out down the line
  • 1080p 60-120 Hz
  • I will play BF3(well it will be BF4 by the time I get this computer). I will branch out to Crysis and others later


  • I will be using Blender 24/7 365 days a year. I see no reason, and therefore, have no plan to use Adobe products or anything else. Maybe that will change down the line
  • I will be rendering animations of varying length. Render time isnt #1 on the list as I will preoccupy myself with other things at the same time. So heavy multitasking will be required.

Other Notes/Personal

  • PCPartpicker list-
  • I perfer an AMD build, however, I will go nVidia if I get the best price/performance but I want to be convinced to use nVidia.
  • an SSD is not #1 but if it can fit thte budget, why not?
  • I plan on doing CrossFire down the line. It is something that I want to do. I dont want to do CrossFire on the first go though. Maybe 3-4 months down the line. The board MUST have PCI-E 2.0 at x16 x16. I will only be doing 2-way Crossfire. I was thinking about getting the Gigabyte 990FX(A?)-UD3.
  • If it's not there, that means that I havent decided on it yet. Nothing on that list is set in stone and I will most likely be more than happy to change something to fit the budget(well as you probably saw, everything will change because I dont even have everything and it is getting close to my prefered budget
  • I understand that by the time I build this, new parts will be out, but I will change my build accordingly on my own.
  • As always, thank you for taking time to help.
  • I will be more than happy to supply any information that is needed.