***Cutting cost on my build***

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2lwJe Hey everyone i would like to cut the cost on my build and its ok if performance goes down a bit. i do not plan to do any hardcore gaming, just easy stuff like starbound, terarria, and indi games. i just plan to upgrade it like once in a while. if i could get it down to around 600 that would be awesome!!!


you could try an apu build, and if you decide you want to play the gpu intensive games just pop a gpu in. I also picked some faster ram for the same price; it will help with the apu/


thats windows 7 ultimate download directly from microsofts servers. 
i suggest using the program removewat to activate it 

I was able to get it to 623$ without cutting any performance off. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2m0Ho

Sweet thank you!

For games like  starbound and terarria a dedicated GPU isn't really necessary. If your looking for something you can easily upgrade in the future may want to go with something like this.


It's $600 and will easily handle indie games plus it will be compatible with the new AMD steamroller chips coming next year and be ready to throw in a dedicated GPU if you want to play newer AAA titles.  You may even want to wait till jan for your build as prices will probably change