Customise (AU$ 2000)

so pretty much everything i need should be there but im a noob so most of the peripherals i picked sorta randomly if you guys could customise it using your vast knowledge dat would be awesome. You can mess with the pc build it self too. Try and keep it to less than $2000 iv already failed :P.

it meant to be for mainly gaming purposes :P have fun

Moderators don't like it when you have multiple threads.  I assume one of the ones you have now are going to be locked relatively soon.

Also, use the permalink in the top left hand corner of the PcPartPicker Page.  I don't know what peripherals you need, or if you need an operating system, so I can't help you until you fix your link or give more information. sorry about da link :P 



Don't need a dedicated ethernet card - the motherboard has that already.

Figure out what switch type you think you'll like first as well before you choose a mechanical keyboard:

Also figure out what kind of mouse grip you have:

I've left the ones you've chosen in for now, but feel free to change them later.  They're both decent if you like linear switches and have a finger-palm grip with very light mouse button triggers.

I put in a better wireless card.

Is this computer mainly for gaming?  If for gaming, the monitor you've picked should be fine.  If you do color-accurate work, you may want to consider an IPS panel, which may not look as butter smooth in games, but colors and viewing angles will be better.   i think that shud be everything :P tell me if im missing something.


I have a couple questions about the pc it self.  With the stuff we have picked it shud remain relatively quiet right?? if not can ur excellency alter it. 

Another question is with the hardware were looking at what sorta benchmarks for gaming r we looking at:P.

also THANKS YOU you have been seriously help full  

I'm just wondering if you are going to install Windows using a USB or CD.

The system should be quiet, but not silent.  If you want silence, consider the Define R4 for its sound dampening features.

Added a CD drive if you need one.

As for gaming performance, you can pretty much search for GTX 970 benchmarks.  At 1080p, this card will be incredibly strong.

i think u put da wrong link :P also it wont let me add a cd drive so see if u can do it and link it 2 me 

Lol oops.  Not used to doing this on mobile.

The S340 doesn't support optical drives, so that's why you couldn't add an optical drive.

Here's another option you may wish to consider:

I basically swapped out the Intel i5-4690K for an AMD FX-8350.

Quick questions, do you really need 802.11ac wireless support?  If you don't you can just get an 802.11b/g/n wireless card for significantly less money.

Also, what games/software are you interested in running? 

i know its cheaper but isnet da i5 better 

 also yeh i think ill be fine with da 802.11b/g/n if u cud swap it :P

btw for which games im interested da answer is pretty much most of em :P   

oh also da motherboard r different im not really sure which is better  


The i5 is a bit better, but in my opinion the little bit of extra performance isn't worth the additional cost.  I personally use an 8350 and am pleased with it.  The reason I asked what software you wanted to run is because if you were just interested in gaming you might want to consider Linux instead of Windows to further reduce your costs.

yo da bottom says dat it should be a worry or?? 

Compatibility Notes
  • The Fractal Design Define R4 (Black Pearl) ATX Mid Tower Case supports video cards up to 430mm long, but video cards over 295mm may block drive bays. Since the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 4GB WINDFORCE 3X Video Card is 310mm long, some drive bays may not be usable.


There are two drive cages in the define R4, both are individually removable.  The top cage holds up to 5 HDDs and the bottom cage holds up to 3, in addition you can mount up to 2 SSDs on the back of the motherboard tray. Therefore, you can simply remove the top hard drive cage without a problem (this will also give you better airflow).  More information here: