Custom Water Loop Price

I just have a really quick question. How much would it cost to do a custom water loop for one CPU and one GPU (possibly two in the future)?

Thanks all,
Lonnie D.

You really need to draw up a parts list first.

There are many configurations of CPU blocks, GPU blocks, fittings or bends?, hard tube or soft, pump (s)?, fluid?, res.

Once you settle on ones you like you can price them out but just asking for a price with no context is not great, it can range from sort of reasonable to way too much money to spend on a PC.

Yeah, I just started researching all of the stuff. Would you suggest just getting a kit for someone who is new?

Sorry but I actually have no experience water cooling any PC. So I really cannot recommend anything.

If you have found a kit post a link and people can see if they parts in it are good/compatible. From what I have heard from other it really is not hard to put together a good loop, more or less if you can build the PC you can build the loop. It just requires some new tools.

Plenty of half decent kits around - XSPC etc - 240, 360 kits - bay res or tube options.
Depends though on your case - what size radiators you can fit, where you're going to run the pump/res.
Also on your gpu - if there is a fullcover waterblock thats suits the card otherwise you're left with uni block options.
Be prepared to spend some decent $$$ though, cheaping out will lead to doing things twice or more and costing more.
Type in your model 'case' + 'watercooled' in a Google search and see what comes up - check out build logs, gather ideas, brainstorm & plan out what you want and what you can spend.

Hi Lonnie, If you need any advice just shoot or drop me a pm.You are doing right thing :) do research 1st.It took me a month and a half before i even started buying parts. Look at different builds, I would recommend watching all videos of SingularityComputers, he posted few builds for his clients, some tutorial but be warned he is very in-depth with his videos :D Decide if it`s going to be rigid or or regular tubing, Fittings are very expensive as the rest of the parts. And ask first if you are on a tight budget.
And there is no need to get all of the parts, you can expand loop later If you choose the right components for starters.

something to get you inspired, polish forum but 95 % of pages is pure photos with some of the best mods ,